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Chinese Checkers
Brise Croix

Chinese Checkers

A very attractive game in the shape of star !

Contrary in classic checkers, you do not capture pieces of the opponent !
You will use them to move yours, by making jumps over them.
As every player, you'll possess a group of pieces in a branch of the star and your purpose will be to bring all your pieces in the opposite branch.
Be the first one to move all your pawns and you have won !

Only against the computer or in some (up to 6 players), this smart game becomes very quickly an excellent companion of break or a party game to be absolutely put in its pocket.

- 2, 3, 4 or 6 players can play together.
- Three different themes.
- Three levels of play for the computer.
- Bluetooth remote gaming.
- Zoom on board, to facilitate the selection of pieces.


Main screen
Rules" panel (sample)
"Themes" panel
"Configure Game" panel
"Configure game" : "mobile" vs 5 opponents
Theme : Classic
Theme : Lotus
Theme : Riviera
Six players game
Tips and tricks (sample)